14 January 2023

Missile Technology: Accelerating Challenges

The IISS Strategic Dossier Missile Technology: Accelerating Challenges examines the drivers, scope and consequences of the continuing development of ballistic and cruise missiles by the world’s most prominent users and producers. It reviews historical, current and future development and procurement programmes and their impact on regional and strategic stability, as well as bilateral and multilateral arms-control processes that are designed to restrain proliferation. It also considers the trajectory of future technological developments, particularly Mach 5+ systems.

Missile Technology: Accelerating Challenges has a particular focus on the missile forces of China, Russia and the US, given the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of each of these states’ nuclear- and conventional-missile arsenals. It also considers other prominent producers and operators of ballistic and cruise missiles in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The dossier examines the opportunities and prospects for adapting arms-control mechanisms in an increasingly competitive environment, particularly within a Russia–US context. It also identifies the strengths and weaknesses of existing arms- and export-control mechanisms and confidence-building measures and how to potentially reform these at a time when proliferation is accelerating and global security is deteriorating.

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