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31 December 2021

Combating Terrorism Center (CTC)

The Oath Keepers and Their Role in the January 6 Insurrection

A View from the CT Foxhole: Brigadier Rob Stephenson, Deputy Commander, NATO Special Operations Headquarters

The Iron March Forum and the Evolution of the “Skull Mask” Neo-Fascist Network

Holding Women Accountable: Prosecuting Female Returnees in Germany

Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI)

Perspectives on Terrorism, December 2021, v.15, no. 6

A New Wave of Terrorism? A Comparative Analysis on the Rise of Far-Right Extremism

Extremist Exploitation of the Context Created by COVID-19 and the Implications for Australian Security

CBRN Terrorism Interdictions (1990-2016) and Areas for Future Inquiry

Myanmar’s Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA): An Analysis of a New Muslim Militant Group and its Strategic Communications

Linking the August 2017 Attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils to Islamic State External Security Apparatus Through Foreign Fighters

Granting Efficacy to the Religious Motives of Terrorists: A Reply to Schuurman’s Response to “Bringing Religiosity Back In, Parts I & II”

Counter-Terrorism Bookshelf: 8 Books on Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism-Related Subjects

Nina Käsehage (Ed.). Religious Fundamentalism in the Age of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Münster: Transcript, 2021

Bibliography: Hostage Takings and Extrajudicial Executions (Part 1)

Recent Online Resources for the Analysis of Terrorism and Related Subjects

Air University Press

Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs, Winter 2021, v. 4, no. 9

Asymmetric Competition in the Arctic: Implications for North American Defense and Security

Thailand’s Maritime Strategy National Resilience and Regional Cooperation

The US–Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership and the Key Role of Air Force Relations

Building Resilience: A New US Approach to East Asia

Challenges and Lessons Learned from the Projection of French Airpower in Afghanistan

Confluence of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific : How Japan's Strengths Can Shore Up American Weakness in the Pacific

The Coming of Quad and the Balance of Power in the Indo-Pacific

Why China Cannot Challenge the US Military Primacy

Australia's Role in the Quad and Its Crumbling Ties with China

Sieze the Data Initiative

Direct Military Conflict with China May Not Happen - and Why There are Worse Outcomes

30 December 2021

Strategic Studies Quarterly

Graham Allison and the Thucydides Trap Myth

More Is Not Always Better: Oversight of the Military

North America’s Imperative: Strengthening Deterrence by Denial

Will Emerging Technology Cause Nuclear War?: Bringing Geopolitics Back In

Sophons, Wallfacers, Swordholders, and the Cosmic Safety Notice: Strategic Thought in Chinese Science Fiction

Six Steps to the Effective Use of Airpower: On "The Drawdown Asymmetry: Why Ground Forces Will Depart Iraq but Air Forces Will Stay"

Cultivating Future Airpower Strategists: On "Developing Twenty-First-Century Airpower Strategists"

A Case for Strategic Design: On "A Diplomatic Surge in Afghanistan"

Leveraging Regional Partners: On "US Grand Strategy, the Rise of China, and US National Security for East Asia"

Outline of Strategic Aerial Culture

26 December 2021

Jamestown Foundation

 Terrorism Monitor, December 7, 2021, v. 19, no. 23

India Responds to New Kashmiri Militant Factions’ Campaign against Civilians

The Window for a Negotiated Settlement in Ethiopia’s War is Closing as the Country Faces Protracted Civil War

Pakistan's Peace Talks with the Pakistani Taliban: Insights from an Interview with Abdul Wali Mohmand (alias Umar Khalid Khurasani)

25 December 2021

Jamestown Foundation

Forum on China-Africa Cooperation: Beijing’s Blueprint for Foreign Relations or Sui Generis?

A New Chinese National Security Bureaucracy Emerges

Borrowed Boats Capsizing: State Security ties to CCP Propaganda Laundering Rile Czech Public

Sri Lanka’s Balancing Act between China and India

End of the Golden Era: Sino-British Relations Enter Difficult Period

28 November 2021

Marine Corps University Press (MCUP)

Limited Wars in the Periphery: The Dilemma of American Military Assistance

The Integration of the Evidence-Based Framework and Military Judgment and Decision-Making

Evaluating Military Cross-Cultural Training Programs

The American and Joint Origins of Operational Depth in the Meuse-Argonne Campaign

Exploring Evidence-Based Management in Military Planning Processes as a Critically Appraised Topic

The Desert War: Marine Corps Aviation in Desert Storm, January-February 1991

How Can the United States Move toward Gender-Neutral Special Forces?: Lessons from the Norwegian Military

The Operational Warfare Revolution: How Operational Art Can Prepare the Marine Corps for an Era of Great Power Competition

The Finely-Honed Blade: Clausewitz and Boyd on Friction and Moral Factors

Military Competition between the United States and China in the South China Sea: A Critical Analysis

To Win without Fighting: Defining China's Political Warfare

Policy, Perception, and Misperception: The United States and the Fall of the Shah

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: Its Foreign Policy and Foreign Legion

Lake Chad: Changing Hydrography, Violent Extremism, and Climate-Conflict Intersection
Water Scarcity in Brazil: A Case Study

Freedom’s “Flying Snake”: The AIM-9 Sidewinder in the Cold War

27 November 2021

Terrorism Monitor

Ethiopia’s Tigray Defense Forces Advance Toward Addis Ababa

The Haqqani Network’s Martyr: Inside Afghan Taliban Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani’s Reception Honoring Suicide Bombers

Iran’s Impending Military Intervention in Iraqi Kurdistan: Catalysts and Unintended Consequences

26 November 2021

China Brief

Chinese Government’s Push for Masculinity Targets Boy Bands, Online Influencers

Power of the Weak: Taiwan’s Strategy in Countering China’s Economic Coercion

China’s Vocational Education Workshops Seek to Strengthen Relations with Africa

Western Sanctions on Belarus’s Potash Industry Test Beijing-Minsk Partnership

How Confucius Institutes Shape Arab Perceptions of China in the Middle East

25 November 2021

Military Review

The Theater Army and the Consequence of Landpower for the Indo-Pacific

Planning for Culture: Incorporating Cultural Property Protection into a Large-Scale, Multi-Domain Exercise

Russia’s Soft Power Projection in the Middle East

Foreign Area Officers: The Roles of an Indispensable Asset in the Army’s Competition and Allies’ and Partners’ Strategies

Planning to Prevent Genocide: Lemkin’s Warning and Eichmann’s Crimes

Domain Awareness Superiority Is the Future of Military Intelligence

The Levels of War as Levels of Analysis

The Jungle: Thinking About the Division’s Role in Unit Training Management at the 25th Infantry Division

A Value Proposition: Cohort Staff

Striking the Balance between Contiguous and Noncontiguous Areas of Operation at the Division and Corps Levels

Professional Development is about the Profession, Not the Professional

Russia’s China Gamble: Strategic Implications of a Sino-Russian Energy Economy

The German Way of War: A Lesson in Tactical Management

Tribute to Gen. Colin Powell

6 November 2021

Combating Terrorism Center (CTC)

Commentary: Data, AI, and the Future of U.S. Counterterrorism: Building an Action Plan

Discordance in the Iran Threat Network in Iraq: Militia Competition and Rivalry

A View from the CT Foxhole: Lieutenant General (Ret) H.R. McMaster, Former National Security Advisor

Lessons from the Collapse of Afghanistan’s Security Forces

5 November 2021

Terrorism Monitor

Hijrah to Arakan? The Stunted Start of Rohingya Jihadism in Myanmar

Pakistan’s Peace Talks with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan: Ten Times a Failure?

Norway and England Bow-and-Arrow and Political Assassination Attacks Reveal Lone Actor Jihadist Terrorism Trend in Europe

26 October 2021

National Defense University Press

Joint Force Quarterly (JFQ), 103, (4th Quarter, October 2021)

Project Convergence: Achieving Overmatch by Solving Joint Problems

The Tactical Defense Becomes Dominant Again

The New Era of Great Power Competition and the Biden Administration: Emerging Patterns and Principles

Reading the Tea Leaves: Understanding Chinese Deterrence Signaling

Purpose-Built Antiarmor Teams: An Imperative for the Marine Corps Ground Combat Element

Degrading China’s Integrated Maritime Campaign

Realizing Energy Independence on U.S. Military Bases

Educating Senior Service College Students on Emerging and Disruptive Technologies

Specialized Analytic and Targeting Study: A Methodology and Approach for Conducting Faster Full-Spectrum Targeting

Understanding the Vulnerabilities in China’s New Joint Force

Green Fields of France: Mortuary Affairs in a Peer Conflict

History of the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Wartime Innovation and Learning

Read the Manual: Reversing the Trends of Failure in NATO Humanitarian Interventions with Airpower

25 October 2021

Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies

Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, 2021, v. 21, no. 1

The 3M Affair in Canada-China Relations, 10 December 2018 – 24 September 2021, and Why for Canada it May not be Over Yet

Changing Participation in War: Is a Paradigmatic Shift Underway?

Syria – A Hybrid War Case Study

Energy Intake, Weight, and Body Composition of Canadian Soldiers Participating in an Arctic Training

The Short Road from the COVID-19 Pandemic to the Information Warfare Pandemic

8 September 2021

Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI)

Perspectives on Terrorism, August 2021, v.15, no. 4

Counter-Terrorism as a Public Policy: Theoretical Insights and Broader Reflections on the State of Counter-Terrorism Research

Rival Consolidation in Nascent Insurrections: Why Some Militant Groups Wage Sustained Insurgencies

The Terrorism Recidivism Study (TRS): An Update on Data Collection and Results

The Dead Drops of Online Terrorism

Connecting, Competing, and Trolling: “User Types” in Digital Gamified Radicalization Processes

International Links and the Role of the Islamic State in the Barcelona and Cambrils Attacks in 2017

Evidence to Explain Violent Extremist Communication: A Systematic Review of Individual-Level Empirical Studies

Frictional Security Governance: Policing the Crime-Terror Nexus in Denmark

Tracing the Fate of Central Asian Fighters in Syria: Remainers, Repatriates, Returnees, and Relocators

From Spandau to Guantanamo: Prisons as Propaganda Instruments for Extremists and Terrorists

Counter-Terrorism Studies: A Glimpse at the Current State of Research (2020/2021)

Counter-Terrorism Bookshelf: 5 Books on Terrorism & Counter- Terrorism-Related Subjects

Bibliography: Terrorism by Country - United States

Bibliography: Hamas

Recent Online Resources for the Analysis of Terrorism and Related Subjects

Best Theses on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Award 2019-2020

7 September 2021

Army War College

The Alt-Right Movement and National Security

Crisis Management Lessons from the Clinton Administration's Implementation of Presidential Decision Directive 56

Assessing Risk at the National Strategic Level: Visualization Tools for Military Planners

Reversing the Readiness Assumption: A Proposal for Fiscal and Military Effectiveness

Great (Soft) Power Competition: US and Chinese Efforts in Global Health Engagement

Hope versus Reality: The Efficacy of Using US Military Aid to Improve Human Rights in Egypt

Samuel Huntington, Professionalism, and Self-Policing in the US Army Officer Corps

The Battalion Commander Effect

The Evolution of Hybrid Warfare: Implications for Strategy and the Military Profession

6 September 2021

Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs

Myanmar Probably Needs a Military . . . Just Not the One It Has

Women on the Front Lines in Myanmar’s Fight for Democracy

Myanmar in the US Indo- Pacific Strategy

The Myanmar Coup as an ASEAN Inflection Point

Myanmar’s Military Coup

Between Political Violence and COVID-19: Many Citizens in Myanmar Pushed to Armed Resistance

5 September 2021

Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs

Managerial Technicalism: The Evolving Nature of Canadian Decision Making in the Afghanistan War, 2001–2014

The Second Nagorno- Karabakh War: Takeaways for Singapore’s Ground- Based Air Defense

India’s Acquisition of the S-400 Air Defense System: Implications and Options for Pakistan

The Provisional Air Corps Regiment at Bataan, 1942: Lessons for Today’s Joint Force

Changing Political Dynamics in South Asia: The Belt and Road Initiative and Its Effects on Indian Regional Hegemony

The China–Australia Cold War: Unpacking National Security Concerns and Great Power Competition

Stewards of the Status Quo: US Air, Space, and Cyber Imperatives in the Indo- Pacific Gray Zone

Geopositional Balancing: Understanding China’s Investments in Sri Lanka

To Honor Its Commitment to UN Arms Trade Treaty, China Must Sacrifice

Missile Woes: Why North Korea’s New (Monster) ICBM May Signal Significant Shortcomings in North Korea’s Nuclear Deterrent

4 September 2021

Strategic Studies Quarterly

The Technologies and International Politics of Genetic Warfare

An Overlooked Aid to Arms Control: US Nuclear Modernization

Strategic Imperative: A Competitive Framework for US-Sino Relations

The Remote Sensing Revolution Threat

Arctic Space Strategy: The US and Norwegian Common Interest and Strategic Effort

Comprehensive Security Approach in Response to Russian Hybrid Warfare