16 September 2023

Kashmir Encounter On For 48 Hours, 3 Officers Killed In Action, Soldier Missing

Nazir Masoodi

The fierce encounter broke out early Wednesday morning after the army and the police launched a joint operation to hunt down terrorists in Kokernag.

A soldier has reportedly gone missing while two others were injured in an encounter with terrorists that is underway for over 48 hours in Jammu and Kashmir's Anantnag district. The gunfight broke out early Wednesday morning after the army and the police launched a joint operation to hunt down terrorists in the dense forests of Kokernag.

On Hindi Diwas, British Envoy To India Lists His Top 5 Words In The Language

Earlier in the day, PM Modi wished Indians and said that Hindi will continue to "strengthen the thread of national unity and goodwill".

British Envoy Ale Ellis shared a video in Hindi on Hindi Diwas 

British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis wished Indians on the occasion of Hindi Diwas and shared his five favourite words in the language.

Kerala To Test Samples Of All Persons In 'High-Risk' Nipah Contact List

State Health Minister Veena George said they had a high-level meeting this morning and after that the Principal Secretary had a meeting with officials of the Union Government.

Kerala Health Minister said the mobile lab has 2 machines each of which can test 96 samples at a time.

₹ 100-Crore District Labs, Immediate Action: Minister After Nipah Outbreak

The Nipah virus spreads much slower than Covid and unlike Covid, it spreads through a vector, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya told NDTV today. A treatment protocol is there and once the tests are done and the disease is identified, the treatment can progress fast, he added.

Five cases of Nipah virus have surfaced in Kerala. Two people have died and the other three, including a nine-year-old boy, are undergoing treatment. The boy is critical and on ventilator support.

Taliban gives a warm welcome to China’s new ambassador to Afghanistan

The Taliban on Wednesday welcomed China’s new ambassador to Afghanistan, with Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi saying the nomination of Zhao Sheng was a “significant step with a significant message”.

It is the first time since the Taliban takeover in 2021 that an ambassador to Kabul has been afforded such lavish protocol, with the Afghan officials saying the new envoy’s arrival is a sign for other nations to come forward and establish relations with the Taliban-led government.

Outgoing Singapore President Wishes New Indian-Origin President Elect

The 66-year-old President-elect won 70.4 per cent of the 2.48 million ballots

Singapore's outgoing President Halimah Yacob on Wednesday extended her best wishes to the Indian-origin President-elect, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, in her final speech as the holder of the city-state's highest but non-political post.

FM Momen for strengthening trade, investment ties with African nations

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has highlighted the imperative of tapping into unexplored trade opportunities between Bangladesh and African countries.

He attended at an interaction session held on Thursday at the Commonwealth Trade and Investment Forum Bangladesh 2023 in Dhaka.

All health services closed except emergencies

In Makwanpur, all health services except for emergencies have been closed in protest against the incident of doctor beating.

All health services have been closed in protest against the incident of beating up Dr. Vikas Thapa and Prashant Bidari at Sancho Hospital in Hetauda.

People's representatives should work to elevate parliament's image

House of Representatives (HoR) member Ram Prakash Chaudhary has expressed displeasure on clash of interests among the political parties towards realizing the shared goal of successful implementation of federal democratic republic system.

Recalling the former Speaker Subas Chandra Nembang's expression and stance against holding hostage the parliament and his role in the parliament, Chaudhary said, "Various questions have been raised in regard to our failure to play an appropriate role in the parliament".


Kateryna Stepanenko

Russian insider sources claimed that the Kremlin’s inner circle is again actively disagreeing about the necessity of and preparations for a second wave of reserve mobilization ahead of the semi-annual fall conscription cycle, which starts on October 1. A Russian Telegram channel with alleged connections to Russian security sources claimed that select Russian officials are “seriously” preparing for a second wave of reserve mobilization and are hoping to conduct another reserve mobilization wave in the fall.[1] It is important to distinguish between Russia’s normal semi-annual conscription callup, a large-scale reserve mobilization like the one that brought more than 300,000 reservists into the Russian armed forces in Fall 2022, crypto-mobilizations that bring reservists into the force at lower numbers over a long period of time, and various efforts to encourage or coerce Russians to sign ostensibly voluntary contracts with the Russian military. The channel claimed that Russian officials want to mobilize between 170,000 to 175,000 reservists and move the fall conscription date from October 1 to November 1 to accommodate a reserve mobilization processes, while simultaneously conducting “contract mobilization” to recruit an additional 130,000 personnel for contract service using coercive measures.[2] The channel claimed that a powerful group of “siloviki hawks” is also proposing stricter reserve mobilization measures such as restricting certain individuals from obtaining mobilization deferrals, which has sparked major disagreements with officials in the Russian Presidential Administration. The channel claimed that the Presidential Administration fears a response to such measures from other Russian officials and broader Russian society.

China Conducts Major Military Exercises in Western Pacific

David Pierson and Amy Chang Chien

China launched large-scale military drills in the Western Pacific this week, deploying an aircraft carrier and dozens of naval ships and warplanes in a major show of force aimed at pushing back at U.S. pressure.

The joint exercises come after the United States conducted a series of military drills across the region in recent weeks with allies like Japan, Australia and the Philippines. On Saturday, the American and Canadian navies sailed ships through the Taiwan Strait.

China’s Military Spending Is Much Bigger Than We Thought

James Stavridis

Revised figures based on US intelligence give an estimate of $700 billion a year instead of the official figure of $300 billion.

A spotlight is beginning to shine on China’s increasing defense spending. Senator Dan Sullivan, an Alaska Republican, recently issued a statement indicating his belief — based on assessments by US intelligence agencies and the highly regarded Swedish defense think tank SIPRI — that China spends about $700 billion annually. What makes this remarkable is that China reports less than $300 billion in its overall defense budget.

Top Army general in the Pacific warns of China’s military threat

Todd South

The top officer for Army forces in the Pacific region challenged soldiers with a “call to action” to look at the challenges in that area and to think hard about where they’ll be in the next five to 10 years and what they’re doing today to prepare.

In a virtual address to attendees at the annual Maneuver Warfighter Conference at Fort Moore, Georgia, on Tuesday, U.S. Army Pacific commander Gen. Charles Flynn said that Chinese political and military leaders are likely to make serious choices on how to use their growing military power at some point in the next decade.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman receives messages from Iran’s president

The message was received on behalf of Minister of Foreign Affairs Faisal bin Farhan.

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman received two letters from Iran’s president Ebrahim Raisi on Thursday.

Death toll reaches 11,300 in Derna flooding as unprecedented aid operation in Libya gears up

Tsunami-sized flash flood hit eastern Libya at the weekend, killing at least 5,000 people, with thousands more missing and feared dead. (Reuters)
  • Fears that death toll from flash flood in Derna could reach 20,000
  • Lacking weather forecasting and action on early warnings was large contributor to the size of the disaster
JEDDAH: An unprecedented aid operation was underway in eastern Libya on Thursday amid fears that the final death toll from a tsunami-sized flash flood could be more than 20,000.

'Study In India': All You Need To Know About Portal For International Students

Rahul Kuma

The primary aim of this initiative is to streamline the educational experience for international students who are pursuing their studies in India.

India stands as the second-largest education hub globally. 

The Ministry of Education on Thursday posted about 'Study in India' portal being run by the central government to attract international applicants seeking higher education in India. The portal provides information about various courses, facilities,

CBSE Issues Registration Guidelines For Students Appearing In Class 10 and 12 Board Exams In 2024

Rahul Kumar

CBSE Exam 2024: Schools directed to present a list of the number of students and their particulars at the beginning of an academic session.

Schools are required to register themselves before proceeding with online submission.

Surveillance flights, not counterterrorism ops, restarted in Niger

Tara Copp

The Pentagon said Thursday that it has not restarted counterterrorism operations in Niger, a day after the head of U.S. airpower for Europe and Africa said those flights had resumed.

Gen. James Hecker, responding to a question from The Associated Press at a security conference Wednesday, said the U.S. military has been able to resume some manned aircraft and drone counterterrorism operations in Niger.

US military publishes new joint warfighting doctrine


Adm. Christopher Grady, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, views the Navigation Seamanship Surface Trainer during a tour of the Mariner Skills Training Center Atlantic, June 7, 2023. 

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — The Joint Chiefs of Staff have published their highly anticipated new doctrine for implementing the U.S. military’s joint warfighting concept.

The document — called JP 1 Volume 1, Joint Warfighting — appears to have been quietly published on Aug. 27, although it isn’t publicly available.

The Missing Escalation in Ukraine

Austin Carson

Since the moment Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the specter of escalation has loomed over the war. For Ukrainian citizens and soldiers, the war is a grueling, horrific, daily reality that has already escalated in notable ways; in August, Kyiv ramped up strikes in Russia, and Moscow has resumed its campaign against Ukrainian grain exports through the Black Sea. Seen another way, however, many of the most feared escalation scenarios have not occurred, most notably a large-scale conventional war between NATO and Russia and the use of nuclear weapons.

Eighteen months after the war began, it is time to take stock of its unusual escalation dynamics. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly hinted that he might go nuclear, raising the prospect that tactical nuclear weapons could be used to destroy military targets, kill Ukrainian civilians, or make a show of force in an uninhabited area. Yet he has not done so. Beyond this most conspicuous missing form

Why Scientists Are Excited About Carbon Dioxide, Methane In An Alien World

One thing about life on Earth is that it leaves traces in the chemical makeup of the atmosphere.

Usually, the question inspires visions of weird, green versions of humans.

Are we alone? This question is nearly as old as humanity itself. Today, this question in astronomy focuses on finding life beyond our planet. Are we, as a species, and as a planet, alone? Or is there life somewhere else?

Usually, the question inspires visions of weird, green versions of humans. However, life is more than just us: animals, fish, plants and even bacteria are all the kinds of things we seek signs of in space.

One thing about life on Earth is that it leaves traces in the chemical makeup of the atmosphere. So traces like that, which are visible from a long way away, are something we look for when we're hunting aliens.

Scientists in the United Kingdom and the United States have just reported some very interesting chemical traces in the atmosphere of a planet called K2-18b, which is about 124 light-years from Earth. In particular, they may have detected a substance which on Earth is only produced by living things.

Meet exoplanet K2-18b

US Surgeons Transplant Pig Kidney In Brain-Dead Human In 61-Day Experiment

The latest experimental procedure is part of a growing field of research aimed at advancing cross-species transplants, mainly testing the technique on bodies that have been donated for science.

The US surgeon team had conducted the experiment into a brain-dead patient. 

US surgeons who transplanted a genetically modified pig kidney into a brain-dead patient announced Thursday they had ended their experiment after a record-breaking 61 days.

Google Parent Alphabet Lays Off Hundreds From Global Recruitment Team

The Google parent Alphabet's decision to let go of a few hundred employees is not part of a wide-scale layoff.

California-based Alphabet cut about 12,000 jobs in January

Google parent Alphabet is laying off employees from its global recruiting team as the tech giant continues to slow hiring, it said on Wednesday.

''Window Seat'': NASA Shares Fascinating Pic Of Earth Captured From SpaceX Dragon Endurance

Ritu Singh

On August 26, four astronauts, all from different countries, blasted off from Florida aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule bound for the International Space Station.

The Crew-7 mission is commanded by American Jasmin Moghbeli

Army pauses retention cash bonuses amid sky-high re-up rate

Davis Winkie

Sgt. Isiah M. Wood and Spc. Christopher J. Devries, both medics assigned to the Medical Evacuation Platoon, Charlie Company, 64th Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division take their reenlistment oath from 1st Lt. Dillon Cobb, during their reenlistment ceremony on May 3, 2023 at Fort Carson, Colorado. (1st Lt. Kimberly Blair/Army)

After meeting its retention goals early, the Army paused its reenlistment bonus program Tuesday as the fiscal year comes to a close, according to an internal announcement.