26 May 2023

Russian Aggression Against Ukraine: Impact on Nuclear Issues

SANO Toshio

In this policy brief, Toshio Sano examines the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, particularly its attacks on Ukraine’s nuclear power plants, on various nuclear issues, including nuclear security, IAEA safeguards, nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament efforts, as well as the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Protecting Ukraine’s nuclear power plants should be a priority, as attacks on these facilities could have devastating consequences. There are several measures that the international community can take to safeguard Ukraine’s nuclear power plants and mitigate the risks posed by Russia’s threats. These measures include increasing international support for Ukraine’s efforts to enhance its security infrastructure, providing technical assistance to improve safety measures at its power plants, and strengthening IAEA safeguards. There is an urgent need for action by the international community to protect Ukraine’s nuclear power plants and prevent further escalation of the crisis. This can be achieved through diplomatic efforts aimed at persuading Putin to act, as well as utilizing the UN General Assembly to dispatch peacekeepers. Download the full policy brief.

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