14 September 2018

Are the Germans Waking Up?

William S. Lind 

I spent the last few weeks in Germany and the Netherlands. In the former, though not the latter, I received the impression that das Volk is waking up. This is more than a response to the flood of Islamic immigrants. I saw plenty of those, women swaddled like mummies and attended by hordes of children, groups of young men with hard eyes, all living on welfare paid by Germans who work. The immigrants are a proximate cause of the German awakening, but there is more to it than that. As in the U.S. and some other European countries, ordinary Germans are starting to realize that the globalist Establishment has been giving them the mushroom treatment: keeping them in the dark and feeding them horse manure. This came through most clearly when I got into conversations on trains, in beer gardens, or just sitting on a park bench smoking my pipe. When asked why I was visiting Germany, I replied that German history was a lifelong interest. That in turn interested the Germans, who know virtually nothing about their history. The Establishment has told them that apart from their war of national liberation from Napoleon, their whole history is just a lead-in to the thirteen years of the Third Reich.

That is ideology, not history. When I spoke of historical facts such as that the Second Reich, 1871-1918, was a normal country and a good country, that in 1914 Kaiser Wilhelm II neither wanted war nor expected war (so President Woodrow Wilson’s advisor Colonel House wrote to Wilson after spending substantial time with the Kaiser) and that France and Russia bore heavier responsibility than Germany for starting World War I (see Christopher Clark’s definitive book, The Sleepwalkers), the Germans were fascinated. Many said they had never heard such things before; they were taught to be ashamed of the whole of their country’s history. When I went on to suggest that if the Central Powers, Imperial Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, had won the First World War the world would probably have had a better 20th century – no Hitler, no Stalin – they were even more intrigued. Some asked me for my card, others what they should read to learn more. They were thirsty for reality like a German lost in the woods is thirsty for beer.

In the hands of its current political and intellectual Establishment, the Federal Republic of Germany is the anti-German Germany. That Establishment endlessly tells the German Volk that they must wander through all time to come lamenting the Third Reich, ringing a bell and crying “Unclean!” But most Germans alive today were born after 1945. Why are they responsible for Hitler?

Beyond historical facts, evidence that this nonsense is driven by ideology, the ideology of cultural Marxism (which Germans invented; should all Germans also be held responsible for that?), is the fact that it turns up elsewhere in Europe. In France and Britain, all native Frenchmen and Britons are to hold themselves endlessly guilty for colonialism, despite the fact that much of the world enjoyed the best government it ever knew or will know when it was governed from Europe as colonies. All present-day and future white Americans are to bow under the burden of slavery. And everywhere throughout the once-Christian West, all white people must grovel in the dust for the sin of racism, which is merely recognizing the fact that, taken as wholes, races are different, just as ethnic groups within races are different.

The good news from my trip is that Germans are beginning to recognize they’ve been had. They’ve been fooled, lied to, and swindled. For most of its history, Germany has been a country of which Germans can and should be proud. Other countries, too, had their dark times; I would not recommend visiting France during the terror, nor Britain under the Commonwealth. But just as you can visit Germany today and enjoy a wonderful trip, so you could do in the time of the Kaisers, the kings, and princes of pre-1871 Germany, and the days of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. As das Volk awakens, the days of the anti-German Germany may be numbered. And Kaiser Wilhelm II, whose grave at Doorn in the Netherlands I visited, may find himself on his way home.

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