25 November 2021

Military Review

The Theater Army and the Consequence of Landpower for the Indo-Pacific

Planning for Culture: Incorporating Cultural Property Protection into a Large-Scale, Multi-Domain Exercise

Russia’s Soft Power Projection in the Middle East

Foreign Area Officers: The Roles of an Indispensable Asset in the Army’s Competition and Allies’ and Partners’ Strategies

Planning to Prevent Genocide: Lemkin’s Warning and Eichmann’s Crimes

Domain Awareness Superiority Is the Future of Military Intelligence

The Levels of War as Levels of Analysis

The Jungle: Thinking About the Division’s Role in Unit Training Management at the 25th Infantry Division

A Value Proposition: Cohort Staff

Striking the Balance between Contiguous and Noncontiguous Areas of Operation at the Division and Corps Levels

Professional Development is about the Profession, Not the Professional

Russia’s China Gamble: Strategic Implications of a Sino-Russian Energy Economy

The German Way of War: A Lesson in Tactical Management

Tribute to Gen. Colin Powell

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