24 June 2022

AN/TPY-5(V)1 3DAdvantage Long Range Radar

The Next Generation Radar: AN/TPY-5(V)1 3DAdvantage 3D Advantage is Northrop Grumman’s next generation, software defined, hardware enabled long-range radar and the only advanced, digital multi-mode ground radar deployed and in operation, today.Long-Range AESA: Our 360° all-seeing radar provides a complete, operational picture and unambiguous view of the battlespace.

Multi-Mode: More than just a surveillance radar, its multi-mission capability includes communications functionality, cruise missile defense, detection of UAVs and low, slow, small targets, long range surveillance, detection/tracking TBM targets and fire control capability providing superior performance while simultaneously maintaining 360 surveillance coverage to defeat current and future threats.

Technically Mature: Don’t develop, deploy to the field. Our advanced multi-mission solution is the only technically mature, production system available to customers both domestic and international.

Advanced Modern Architecture: Open architecture, C2 integration and the power of GaN have come together in Northrop Grumman’s 3DAdvantage AESA radar to enable a new level of protection and situational understanding for warfighters.

Expeditionary, Mobile, Survivable: Validated logistics and sustainment programs offer the lowest lifecycle costs and significant capability growth for now and in the future.

Hardware Enabled, Software Defined: In digital systems, hardware-dominant architectures become software-dominant. These fully software-defined systems evolve and enhance hardware capabilities with software updates. All-digital software-based systems can learn, change and even add functionality to a given system as the threat-driven need for change arises.

As an industry leader in developing mission-capable, cost-efficient radar and sensor systems, our systems utilize multifunction capabilities to observe, orient, and act across all domains – land, sea, air, and space – providing the joint forces the intel they need to operate safely in today’s multi-domain operational environment.

3DAdvantage will fundamentally change how our forces deploy and fight by providing a revolutionary combination of radar performance and system mobility.

Using Strategic Mobility to Gain Advantage

A military force that can move more quickly across both familiar and hostile terrain will prevail over adversaries. As the military operating environment becomes more lethal, strategic mobility can transform modern warfare. The AN/TPY-5(V)1’s size and form factor have been optimized for expeditionary operation on a modern battlefield, making its intrinsic capability to self-deploy, emplace and displace – in minutes – a key discriminator compared to other systems.

3DAdvantage can not only see what threats are out there, but identify what they are, track how many are there, and offer a track solution to close the kill chain.

The Power of S-Band: Long Range Radar Superiority

Open architecture, digital beam forming, C2 integration and the power of GaN have come together in Northrop Grumman’s S-band radars to enable a new level of protection and situational understanding for warfighters. With the ability to adapt to multiple missions, 3DAdvantage is a high performing, long-range S-Band solution that provides higher resolution and greater mission growth as compared to L-Band.

With decades of experience in semiconductor design, development and integration, Northrop Grumman provides a range of technologies, including GaN, to power the future of advanced systems in the multi-domain battlespace.

The Power to Predict: With a long range view, S-band provides higher resolution with the ability to differentiate targets, leading to better performance, as compared to L-band systems that do not have this capability.

Proven to Protect

Future threats will multiply in type and numbers, presenting new challenges for the integrated air and missile defense mission. That is why Northrop Grumman’s radars have been tested during thousands of hours of realistic combat scenarios in the lab, at the range and in complex joint exercises.The capability of the 3DAdvantage radar has been demonstrated through numerous USG test events in military-relevant environments, showing that it is proven to protect.
Deep Mission Understanding

Our unique expertise in open architecture allows our customers to rapidly add new and improved capabilities securely and seamlessly to ‘plug and play.

Northrop Grumman understands the mission of our customers and has a long history of building hardened systems that can operate at the tactical edge. Northrop Grumman is responding to this expanding age of data-driven warfare by bringing together our expertise in advanced processing in low size, weight and power (SWaP) environments, anti-tamper, cyber security, advanced networking and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to enable faster decision making at the tactical edge. Distributed decision making will significantly enhance mission effectiveness and improve warfighter safety by creating a truly network-centric force and ultimately provide decision advantage.

Defining Possible in Digital AESA Technology

Northrop Grumman is harnessing integrated digital technologies to rapidly conceptualize, design, build, and sustain value-driven solutions. We specialize in developing Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) solutions architected for superior long range performance. Northrop Grumman’s advanced system integration and validation of our digital models allows us to reduce the need for final platform integration, decreasing time to field and improving affordability.

Being at the forefront of radar innovations for more than 60 years, combined with a wealth of design experience with AESA fire control radars, helps provide air-to-air, air-to-ground, land, and sea superiority for the world’s armed forces.. Over this period, Northrop Grumman has continuously improved advanced designs while reducing costs and increasing mission capability.

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