9 July 2024

Countering China’s Himalayan Advantage: India’s Zorawar Tank Adds Zing To Its Army’s Mountain Warfare – Analysis

Girish Linganna

On Saturday (July 6), the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully tested its light battle tank, Zorawar, in Hazira, a suburb and transshipment port in Surat City of Gujarat. The Zorawar tank, developed collaboratively by the DRDO and Larsen & Toubro, is being designed for the Indian Army. Dr Samir V Kamat, DRDO chief, had recently reviewed the project’s progress.

A Significant Day: DRDO Chief

Kamat lauded the performance of the light tank in action and said it was a testament to the hard work that had gone behind this feat. In just two to two and a half years, we’ve not only designed this tank, but also built the first prototype. Now, this prototype will go through development trials over the next six months. After that, we’ll be ready for user trials. We expect Zorawar to join the Indian Army by 2027, once all trials are completed.”

According to The Print, the tanks underwent initial track trials, after which some upgrades were recommended and implemented. The tank will next be tested in desert conditions alongside the army and will, eventually, undergo trials in the high-altitude regions of Ladakh. These tests will evaluate its performance in challenging terrains and harsh winter conditions. If everything goes as planned, the tanks could be added to the Indian Army by 2027.

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