31 December 2021

Air University Press

Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs, Winter 2021, v. 4, no. 9

Asymmetric Competition in the Arctic: Implications for North American Defense and Security

Thailand’s Maritime Strategy National Resilience and Regional Cooperation

The US–Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership and the Key Role of Air Force Relations

Building Resilience: A New US Approach to East Asia

Challenges and Lessons Learned from the Projection of French Airpower in Afghanistan

Confluence of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific : How Japan's Strengths Can Shore Up American Weakness in the Pacific

The Coming of Quad and the Balance of Power in the Indo-Pacific

Why China Cannot Challenge the US Military Primacy

Australia's Role in the Quad and Its Crumbling Ties with China

Sieze the Data Initiative

Direct Military Conflict with China May Not Happen - and Why There are Worse Outcomes

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